MPO – Manpower Outsourcing Payroll

BPO+ provides Manpower outsourcing solutions to companies that need a way to relieve themselves from the burden of ongoing effort of supporting their employee lifecycle. We have reliable and dedicated professional consultants who thoroughly assess a requirement and source 'right fit' potential employee, utilizing the latest technology and successfully proven screening methods.
We identify qualified candidates whose skills match the specific disciplines you require.
Outsourcing is the act of one company contracting with another company to provide services that might otherwise be performed by in-house employees. Often the tasks that are outsourced could be performed by the company itself, but in many cases there are financial advantages that come from outsourcing. Many large companies now outsource jobs such as Call center services, e-mail services, and payroll These jobs are handled by separate companies that specialize in each service, and are often located overseas.
Human Capital Outsourcing services

  • Skilled Resources locally available.
  • Temporary, Permanent Resources & Bi-lingual resources available.
  • Pool of 800+ outsourced staff currently employed in Qatar.
  • Stringent interview & short listing process for hiring the right resources.
  • More than 35 Nationalities working.

  • Human Capital Insourcing services
  • Various type of resources available on recruitment basis.
  • Tie-ups with various consultants across the globe to attract the right talent pool.
  • Strong Database of Resumes.
  • More than 30 Nationalities available.