SMS And Email Marketing

Mobile SMS and Email Marketing are marketing powerhouse for all kinds of companies. Visible results can be achieved by just doing one and not the other, but combination of the two can play wonders for a business. Extremely profound gains are being materialized by business professionals using this technique of marketing.
SMS Campaigns:
With more than 100% mobile penetration in the country and an exhaustive database, this turns to be one of the best and cost effective marketing solutions. Cellular phones industry has seen the maximum growth over the recent years. Hence, it has emerged as the most powerful medium of reaching the masses. Promotions and marketing through SMS campaigns can bring turnaround growth of your business.
Email Campaigns:
Right from newsletter creation or email campaign creation to execution to detailed post campaign reports, we do it all. Everything in one place! SMS & Email are highly effective marketing media. Every business today, be it well established business or an emerging business, is banking on SMS and Email marketing for spreading a word about their products and services. They are here to stay as powerful marketing media for decades to come!
BPO+ leaves no stone unturned to captivate the customers’ attention during boring bus rides, slow workdays, or tiring drives in heavy traffic. The team at BPO+ consists of highly talented and creative people. They know exactly how to gain attention of its potential customers with catchy SMS texts and Email content including its attractive and meaningful title/subject. It is done in such a way that our marketing efforts leave an impact on all the customers. And this is the reason why we are the foremost choice of all our clients.